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Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara),
Labuan Bajo (Flores Island East Nusa Tenggara),
Endev (Flores Island East Nusa Tenggara)
Ruteng (Flores Island East    Nusa Tenggara) ​​​











Eltari Airport  ( Kupang )
Komodo Airport ( Labuan Bajo )

H. Hasan Aroeboesman ( Ende ) 

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Day 01 : 

On arrival at Airport of Labuan Bajo, our guide will meet you then transfer to Hotel for accommodation. Afternoon half-day tour in down town of Labuan Bajo.

Day 02 :

After breakfast, take leisure in Labuan Bajo City, visit Puncak Waringin ( Waringin hill top ) then visit Batu Cermin (miror stone cave).  Lunch at local restaurant, in the afternoon  Transfer to Pede beach for sunset, back to hotel for dinner and offer night

Day 03 :
Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to the harbor for 3 hours cruising to Komodo Island. Arrive in Komodo direct walk for 1.5 miles to Banugulung to see the activities of the giant Monitor Lizard  "Komodo Dragon" which was scientifically described in 1912 as VARANUS KOMODOENSIS which is up to 3 m long and about 150 kg weight. The total number of these lizards is estimated at 5.000 - 7.000 inhabited in Komodo, Padar, Rinca Island and Western Flores. Return to the based and an opportunity to swim or snorkel on clean and white sandy beach. Overnight on board.

Day 04 :
Early breakfast on board. start your trekking, walking through the typical dry forest to explore the Komodo dragon, island itself, wild animals and various species of tropical birds. You are sometime see the wild horses, wild buffalo, deer (rusa) and wild pig.  Keep your eyes look above as sometime you will find the young Komodo dragon are on the trees. A local ranger will lead you to enter this nature preservation. Return to boat and proceed to Pantai Merah (Pink Beach) for a peaceful beach, swimming and snorkel in unspoiled coral and reef amongst colorful tropical fish. Lunch provided on board. After lunch we will continue our trip to Rinca Island. We will stop at Padar island if time permit. Late afternoon arrive at Rinca island. Dinner and overnight on board    

Day 05 :
Early breakfast on board, start your trekking, walking through the typical dry forest to explore the Komodo dragon, island itself, wild animals and various species of tropical birds. You are sometime see the wild horses, wild buffalo, deer (rusa) and wild pig.  Keep your eyes look above as sometime you will find the young Komodo dragon are on the trees. A local ranger will lead you to enter this nature preservation. Return to boat and proceed to Pantai Bidadari for a peaceful beach, swimming and snorkel We return on board for relax and lunch before proceed to Pink Beach for a beautiful beach, spectacular snorkel site. In the afternoon return to Labuan Bajo. And overnight at Labuan Bajo.

Day 06 :

Breakfast at hotel. Drive overland to Ruteng - a cool and small town as the capital city of Manggarai Regency where major Mangarainese tribe dwelt. On the way stops will be made at Lembor and Cancar where you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of rice fields with lush and dry hills as the back ground, and other places according to local happenings. On arrival direct check-in. Onto Ruteng Puu - Manggarainese traditional village to see their unique slander-shaped houses and be with local people. Return to hotel.

Day 07 :
 Breakfast at hotel Continue drive to the East to Bajawa - another cool and small town as a capital city of Ngada Regency (home of Ngada and Nagekeo tribes). Stops will be made "Ranamese" Lake, and snapshot at magnificent peak of Mt. Inerie - an active volcano and Aimere for having lunch. On arrival at Bajawa drive 2 km to Boloji to attend dance performance of Bajawanese   followed by "Suling"  - cluster of Bamboo flute concert music.

Day 08 :

Breakfast at hotel. Explore traditional village of Bajawa tribes. Visit Bena - a megalithic village  where people do preserve their ancestral spirits believed and way of life which can be seen in their "Ngadhu" and "Bhaga" - conical thatched roof huts symbolized their Male and Female ancestral spirits. On the way stop on the slope of Inerie active volcano for taking pictures. Return to Bajawa for Lunch at Local Restaurant. Afternoon drive to the North to Soa sub district to see Masu, Seso and Mude traditional village. Onto Mengeruda - a natural hot spring water for relaxing and taking bath. Return to hotel for dinner and overnight.

Day 9 :
After breakfast full day snorkeling tour to Kalong Island and Bampa Island and Pulau Tiga, Enjoy a nice beach here and swimming and snorkeling and afternoon back to hotel .Dinner and overnight

Day 10 :

 Breakfast at hotel. Visit Detusoko (175 km) through scenic road where you can enjoy beautiful panorama of the valley with sea as the background. Stops will be made at Wogo, another traditional Bajawanese village and  Boawae - village of Nagekeo tribes to observe their tradition and culture, Ende for having lunch at a local restaurant, Onekore village - the center of  "Ikat" hand-weaving with Endenese typical style Proceed to Detusoko.

Day 11 :

After breakfast at hotel ,visit moni traditional market. After lunch visit SAGA a traditional village of Ende have talking and take a picture for a local people , and they are really glad to welcome you to visit they are village, after continue to Moni Village check in hotel dinner and overnight

Day 12 :

After an early morning breakfast at 5.30 drive up to Kelimutu  volcano to see the  three colored  lakes. Upon  arrival walk for 1,5 km and then  ascend 127 steps  to top  to view Kelimutu's green, blue and black lakes. A Dutch Geologist discovered Kelimutu in 1914; . Descend to Moni village to view beautiful hand woven clothes and to visit Kowanara village famous for its traditional Lionese houses. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant in Paga Beach. . Proceed to Maumere with several stops made according to local happenings.

Day 13 :

In the morning visit Wolotopo, the typical coastal village of Lio ethnic. It is better to arrive there early in the morning (start at abt 5.30 AM) as you will experience the dramatic ray of morning light showering the chopped volcano of Meja at the opposite side of the bay with bright golden light. Just sit next to the megalithic monuments and animistic shrine in the village and enjoy what the nature and the work of civilization prepare for you. Return afterwards to ENDE to visit the morning market and Exile House of the late Mr. Sukarno - the world famous Indonesian Founding Father. ENDE is the place where Mr. Sukarno got the inspiration about PANCASILA - the five philosophic principle of the Nation of Indonesia. Afternoon drive back to Maumere through the northern coast of FLORES.

Day 14 :

After breakfast at hotel, There are places around the town worth to be visited, such as Maumere  market, Wuring - the fisherman village with houses built on stilts and Ledalero Museum. Lunch at local restaurant, in the afternoon program is visiting Watublapi, a hamlet about 18 km south east of Maumere locally known for it's fertile land and rich in exotic tropical plants and fruits. You will be entertained with dances and folk songs accompanied with local dishes and drinks. There is chance for you to comprehend more about Ikat Weaving - the well-known tie-dyeing weaving technique. The Ikat are both as cultural and economical products since the women in the village earn their living from selling the Ikat.

Day 15 :

 Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to the Airport to depart to Kupang - Timor Island. On arrival at Eltari Airport of Kupang, transfer to Hotel for check in, then Drive to Soe, a distance of 110 km for 3 hours through  beautiful panoramas of rice fields, farms, jungles and savanna. Stops will be made for taking pictures and local happenings. Upon arrival at Soe visit several villages  in order to  learn about local culture and beliefs. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant in Soe. Return to Kupang with stops at Oebelo, a Rottenness village famous for its unique music instrument called "Sasando", made from "lontar" palm leaves, and Tarus village to observe the process of making "laru" - local liquor. Return to hotel.

Day 16 :  

After breakfast, Transfer to Bolok harbor to embark the ferry for 4 hours cruising to Rote Island.  On arrival at Pante Baru harbor of Rote, drive to Baa the capital district for having lunch. After lunch continue drive to Nembrala the western part of island. On the way visiting Namodale for traditional house and several places according to local happenings. On arrival check-in at the Hotel.

Day 17 :

Breakfast at hotel. Take the road to Boni village the only viable remaining center of Roti’s traditional religion and traditional house and to be with the local people to learn their way of life. Back to the main road to Oenale village where the ubiquitous baskets of plaited leaves and red clay pots are produced. Return to hotel for having lunch. After lunch chance to snorkel or relax on the white sandy beach.

Day 18 :

After breakfast, Transfer back to harbor for cruising back to Kupang. Lunch will be served at local restaurant. On arrival check in hotel take rest and over night.

Day 19 :

After Breakfast at hotel then Transfer out from hotel for flight to next destination, Tours ended.