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Optional coverage:

1. Some travel policies will also provide cover for additional costs, although these vary widely between providers.

2. Travel insurance can also provide helpful services, often 24 hours a day, 7 days a week that can include concierge services and.


AXA Insurance


Enjoy your business or vacation trip with the comprehensive protection benefits for you and your family. Make sure you are well protected and feel safe and secure during your travel anywhere in th provide a sense of peace and safety during your travel across the worldwide. To anticipate the unexpected things that can occur and can lead to significant financial losses, protect yourself with travel insurance from Mandiri AXA General Insurance . Mandiri AXA General Insurance provides insurance products - travel insurance with protection for your benefits while traveling from overseas medical expenses, personal accident, trip delay, as well as lost baggage.


Benefits to You:

1 . Cost competitive premiums.

2 . Preparation of a policy that is easy and can be done anywhere.

3 . Apply all over the world.


Benefits Protection:

4 . Medical costs abroad up to USD100,000.

5 . Personal Accident up to $100,000.

6 . Travel Delay up to $200.

7 . Baggage Delay up to $200.

8 . Loss of Baggage up to USD1,000.

9 . And other protective benefits.


Allianz Insurance


* A-Z Coverage

* Complete Coverage Starting from USD 3

* 6 hour waiting periode on delays

* Casless Hospital Admission for covered condition

* 250% limit on benefit for family plan


Benefits to You:

1 . The Medical Costs due to illness and accidents up to $ 100.000 in the whole world .

2 . Compensation daily inpatient hospital abroad .

3 . Evacuation and repatriation services without restriction throughout the world .

4 . Casless program for inpatient hospitals around the world .

5 . Compensation for death and permanent disability and their weekly income replacement benefits .

6 . Compensation for death and disability tetapbeserta weekly income replacement benefits .

7 . Compensation grief in terms of deaths and the cost for a family emergency .

8 . Protection against loss of baggage , including golf equipment and a laptop with a high limit .

9 . Protection against loss of money and travel documents .

10 . Protection robbery rumahterhadap content when you are traveling .

11 . Compensation for flight delays and baggage you with a waiting period of 6 hours .

12 . The turn to cost - biayaakibat delays , cancellations and reductions in travel and hospitalized inaptak unexpected result

13 . The legal liability to third parties as a result of damages caused by you .

14 . Perpanjanagn policies automatically and without charge **

15 . Loss due teririsme guaranteed .

** Terms and conditions stipulated in the policy .